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Fuelled by grace, rainy days, home-made lattes and classical music.

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Hey there! I’m Kristen.
I believe that you have a story to tell – and I’m here to help you tell it.

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I’ve been making lists and telling stories since I could write. From reading about Narnia and the Little House in the Big Woods to meticulously organizing my school supplies to filling notebooks with my own stories, I’ve always believed in the power of words and ideas to inspire, spark change, and make a difference.

As an adult, that led me to what has become a decade-long career in writing and planning. By day, I’m the senior communications director at a not-for-profit in Ottawa, Canada. By night (and early morning), I create resources and classes for creative entrepreneurs to help them brand and market their businesses.

My mission is to help creative entrepreneurs confidently build businesses and lives that make the most of their gifts and talents.

Our values: 


Striving to meet the highest standards of quality lies at the heart of Cursor & Ink’s culture. I am committed to delivering the best products, service, and guidance that I can to my customers and to helping them do the same – every single time.


In a world where “spin” is everywhere, integrity and authenticity are more important than ever. For me, that means making sure that the same threads of faith, grace and service that define my personal values and commitments are also woven through my business and the way I serve my customers.


I love learning new things and consistently seek out learning opportunities in order to better serve my customers and fuel my own personal growth. In the same way, Cursor & Ink serves passionate go-getters who want to take on new skills and techniques so that they feel excited and equipped to grow their businesses in ways they haven’t before.


I'm not one for empty words and meaningless cheerleading, but I firmly believe that communicating well is something that everyone can learn to do with practice and a little confidence. Building a culture of honest, intentional encouragement is essential to building that confidence.

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