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3 tips for creating a strong, consistent brand voice

One of the more challenging elements of creating a brand that connects with your ideal audience is the development of your “brand voice” – the way of communicating with your audience that embodies the core qualities of your brand and sets you apart to your audience.

But what is a brand voice?

Think about it like this: in real life, you have a unique way of communicating with your friends, family and clients. Are you outgoing or reserved? Edgy, or more conservative? Bright and friendly, or calm and professional?

Your brand also has a voice. Your brand voice is the way in which you express yourself to your audience – and it needs to be consistent. It’s key to building a strong connection with your audience so that they know, like and trust you.

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5 essential elements of a well-defined brand

Often when people think about branding, they think about concepts like choosing the perfect name or designing a gorgeous logo or website. But the truth is that visuals are only part of what makes a powerful and memorable brand. Your brand is something much more intangible than that – it has to do with the way that your audience thinks and feels about you. And while your visuals are an important part of that, they aren’t the starting point.

Branding is first and foremost about strategy. It’s about establishing a vision for the way you want your business to be perceived and taking deliberate steps to implement that vision in the way that your business looks, feels and interacts with your audience.

Before you develop the visuals for your brand, you need to lay a strong foundation that clearly defines who you are as a business, what you are trying to accomplish, and what makes you unique and valuable in the way that you serve your clients. Having this foundation in place will allow you to make choices about your design and brand visuals that reinforce your strategic objectives, rather than just picking something because you think it looks nice.

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How to find the perfect photography to enhance your brand online

One of the most important ways you can ensure a compelling, recognizable online presence is by choosing visuals that complement your brand. The imagery that you choose for your blog posts, Instagram feed, product mockups and more all communicate something about you, your products, and the way that you help your audience. It’s important to make sure the feeling they create in your readers is consistent with the overall tone that you want your brand to convey.

For beginners (especially non-designers) who are trying to establish a solid online presence, using photography to communicate what your brand is about is a great option. If this feels overwhelming, or if you’re not sure where to start — don’t worry. With a little planning, you’ll have gorgeous, consistent imagery in no time.

This post breaks it down into a few easy steps, and if you want to download a worksheet that gives you room to take notes and do some brainstorming, I’ve got you covered.

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Why you need an ideal customer profile (and how to create one)

How do you write content that connects with your audience? 

That’s a tough one, right? I mean, it’s easy enough to talk about your business and what you’re working on with a friend over nachos and a glass of wine. But when you have to do it in writing, to someone on the other side of a page or a screen, it feels a lot more intimidating…. especially when you want them to get so excited that they take the plunge and hit the “Buy Now” button.

I get it. That “okay, how do I put this into words” moment happens to me too. So today I thought I’d share one of the tools that is most helpful to me when it comes to finding the words to truly connect with my dream clients and customers: the Ideal Customer Profile.

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