Welcome to Cursor & Ink!


Hello there, friend. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit!

I’m so excited to introduce Cursor & Ink Communications Studio. My heart for this space is simple: to help creative women who own small but mighty businesses make their dreams happen.

Here’s what I’ve learned about creatives: We don’t do business for the sake of business.

Business for creatives is about making something beautiful. About helping and inspiring others. About using our gifts and talents for something bigger than ourselves.

Business for creatives is about finding a way to turn what you create and share with the world into an enterprise that does more than just pay the rent — it supports your lifestyle and moves you closer to your dreams.

That’s an amazing way to build a business.

It can also be scary and hard and filled with moments of doubt; moments where you know how to create but not how to express the way your product makes others’ lives better; moments where you can see the next step on the horizon but can’t figure out how to find the words or the plan to get there.

That’s where Cursor & Ink comes in. Because again — my heart for this space is to help creative women who own small but mighty businesses make their dreams happen.

There are a lot of different ways to do that. Me? I’m a words girl… and after over thirty years of living and ten years of working in various communications-related roles, I’ve found that that’s where I can help best.

I can help by listening, coaching, and acting as a sounding board.

I can help by working with you to organize your ideas into a plan that you feel confident executing.

I can help by looking over your work and giving you ideas about how to make it work even better for you and for your audience.

But most of all, I can help by giving you confidence that you really can communicate too.

Yes, you.

You, the one who “isn’t a writer”, who feels overwhelmed by a blinking cursor on a screen, who struggles to find the words to go with your amazing idea.

I don’t believe that communicating well is a special gift reserved for only a select few. It’s a skill — a skill that can be learned. Sure, it takes work and practice and guidance. But I really believe that it’s a skill worth pursuing, and one that will serve you very well as a creative entrepreneur.

And that, in the end, is what makes Cursor & Ink different: I’m here to help you communicate better. I’ll work with you, coach you and encourage you. I’ll help you organize your ideas, find the words, and build a plan. I won’t do the work for you. But I’ll give you the confidence to know that when it comes to communicating about your business and the way you’re making a difference for your customers, you really do have what it takes.

I can’t wait to get started.