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Ready to start sharing your story, serving your audience, and making those creative business dreams happen without feeling salesy or forced?
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 Your Communication Sensation Sweet Spot is…

Polished Curation


Driven and organized, you know that having a dream isn’t enough – you also need a plan to get there. You’ve often been called (and maybe even described yourself as) a go-getter or achiever, and rightly so! Your ability to consistently move the needle on the things that matter to you and find practical ways to help others succeed give you a sense of satisfaction and pride, and others are drawn to your “get it done” attitude and your clear, systematic approach to your business.

That ability to create order from chaos also defines your creativity. Structure doesn’t restrict you – it gives you the white space and margin to really let your creativity flow! It makes you a natural curator with a sense of the timeless and an eye for things that last. Quality matters to you, and you don’t serve up anything less than the best.


How you shine:



Put together


And if you're thinking, "Hold up, this doesn't sound like me..." I got you! Check out the other results here.


Sometimes, though, your polished, I’ve-got-this approach to life can feel more like a mask than your day-to-day reality. While everything looks put together on the outside, your behind-the-scenes starts to feel scattered and just too much. And when your to-do list sneaks up on you and starts to feel more like the didn’t-do list, that’s when overwhelm and frustration start to creep in.

Analysis paralysis and perfectionism have a tendency to make you spin your wheels, and you find yourself wondering whether maybe this time you took on too much or whether you really have what it takes. I feel you, friend – I speak from experience on this one!

In the words of C.S. Lewis: Courage, dear heart. You do have what it takes. Lift your eyes up off the tangle of to-dos in front of you and set them back on the horizon and the dream that you’re working towards. Keep going – and if you’ll let me, I’ll go with you.


“Quality is not an act; it is a habit.”

- Aristotle


Your Sweet Spot Success Code

Your action plan for growing your business your way:

A communications strategy that plays to your strengths.

Here’s how to make it happen…



Curate, curate, curate


When your attention to detail, your drive, and your get-it-done genius combine, you are unstoppable. That opens the door to a HUGE list of options and possibilities – which can lead to overwhelm if you’re not very intentional about what you choose to say “yes” to.

Thankfully, “intentional” is kind of your middle name! For that reason, part of playing to your strengths means playing to your ability to choose wisely when it comes to your goals and your time. Keep your eye on your why! With your strategic mind, you probably have a pretty clear sense of where you’re going. Trust your ability to develop a plan that makes sense for you, and keep things simple and focused so that you can maintain the white space you need to let your creativity flourish.

Apply that curation mindset to your communication strategy, too. Quality and value are two things that you deliver in spades. Lead with those two things, and refuse to let distraction, comparison, or someone else’s “should do’s” dilute your message… and your impact.



Let story infuse your strategy


In communications, the magic happens when we mix story with strategy. The strategy is what connects your content to your business goals and makes sure you’re hitting that bottom line. For you, the strategy part comes naturally, and that’s a huge advantage – after all, those bills aren’t gonna pay themselves!

Story is what creates a sense of connection between you and your reader. It’s what creates the know, like, and trust factor that is so essential to building a brand that your ideal clients love, buy from, and rave about to their friends.

This part might feel a little more challenging for you… but I encourage you to make sure you’re sharing the personal side of what you do, too. Tell your audience how you got here, and why what you do is important to you. Share your values and the heart behind your work. This is important because it will help your ideal clients – the ones you really are looking to build a relationship with – connect their stories with yours, building a sense of community and connectedness.



Develop systems and tools to put your productivity into overdrive


You’re great at structure, detail, and organization – but sometimes that perfectionism can derail you. To keep yourself moving forward and enjoying consistent momentum, put clear systems and templates in place that will cut down on repetitive decision-making (oh hi, overwhelm) and make it easier to focus on the work that really matters.

This can range from having canned emails in place for messages you find yourself sending regularly… to blog post templates to help you structure and pull together high-quality blog posts quickly and consistently… to a step-by-step process for planning your content quarterly or monthly.

Developing these kinds of processes and systems plays to your natural ability to organize and work creatively within a more structured environment. You’ll find that these systems don’t just amp up your productivity (though, come on, who doesn’t love the satisfying feeling of checking items off a to-do list?!). They’ll also help you to create the whitespace and margin you need in your schedule and environment to create from a place of rest, not stress.


But where are my manners?!

Allow me to introduce myself.


Hey there! I’m Kristen.

I’m a brand and communication strategist for creatives, which is a fancy way of saying that I help creative entrepreneurs to stand out, be themselves, and turn their creative genius into a meaningful brand and business.

I use my skills and experience from over a decade communicating for political and business leaders to help creative entrepreneurs cut through the clutter and tell their story, their way.


Whether it’s coaching you on your content planning, figuring out how to attract and communicate with your ideal client, setting priorities and building a communications plan that works for you, or problem-solving your way around a specific road block that’s holding you back…

I’m here to help you find a clear, simple approach to growing your own unique brand and business.


Hungry for more?

 Self-serve communications strategy with a side of pep talks, coming right up. Pour yourself a drink, sharpen your pencils, and let’s dive in together!


Reset Your Focus Guidebook

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Content Creation 101 Ebook

How to weave words and build messages that connect with your tribe and grow your creative business. Includes 23 pages of workbooks & cheat sheets.


And for dessert…

Let’s keep this party going, shall we? I’m so excited to keep chatting with you about how leveraging your communication sweet spot can really make your creative business shine.

Keep an eye on your inbox for some more tips, tricks and next steps that will help you tell your story and make what matters happen.

Talk soon, friend!

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