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Ready to start sharing your story, serving your audience, and making those creative business dreams happen without feeling salesy or forced?
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Creativity & Exploration


 The world is a rich, beautiful, diverse place, and you are a natural at not just noticing and appreciating that beauty but helping the people around you see and experience it, too. You are at your happiest when you are making and sharing something new, and let’s be honest, what you make is always gorgeous: delightful, unique, and effortless (at least, that’s how it looks to the rest of us!) – a constant exploration of the way you experience the big and small moments that make life precious.

To you, creativity is communication. It’s about sharing a part of yourself and what you see with the people around you – and the way you make the world a brighter, more beautiful, more meaningful place is what inspires your audience and keeps them coming back to you for more.


How you shine:


One of a kind




Heartfelt Connection


A connector at heart, you are all about leveraging your creative gifts to bring people together. You know that a rising tide lifts all boats, and your superpower is your ability to encourage others and make them feel like part of something bigger than themselves.

You’re the kind of person who’s always looking for points of similarity and connection with other people, and you’re naturally attuned to what others need. While the day-to-day of your business is rooted in your creative gifts, the thing that really sets your heart on fire is bringing others to the table and empowering them to greater impact in their own lives. That’s an incredible gift, and it’s one that naturally attracts others to you.


How you shine:






Polished Curation


Driven and organized, you know that having a dream isn’t enough – you also need a plan to get there. You’ve often been called (and maybe even described yourself as) a go-getter or achiever, and rightly so! Your ability to consistently move the needle on the things that matter to you and find practical ways to help others succeed give you a sense of satisfaction and pride, and others are drawn to your “get it done” attitude and your clear, systematic approach to your business.

That ability to create order from chaos also defines your creativity. Structure doesn’t restrict you – it gives you the white space and margin to really let your creativity flow! It makes you a natural curator with a sense of the timeless and an eye for things that last. Quality matters to you, and you don’t serve up anything less than the best.


How you shine:



Put together



Vision & Imagination


You, my friend, are a powerhouse. You dream big, and because you know you have the smarts and determination to make those dreams happen, you’re not afraid to go after what you want, taking some (well-considered) risks along the way – after all, that’s where the adventure happens!

That trailblazing mentality and willingness to go all in on your dreams is your superpower, and it’s what attracts others to you – well, that and your live-it-large personality! Because, let’s face it, you’re a lot of fun to be around. You work hard, yeah, but you play hard too, and you love having other people around you to come along for the ride.


How you shine: