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Ready to start sharing your story, serving your audience, and making those creative business dreams happen without feeling salesy or forced?
Yeah you are!


 Your Communication Sensation Sweet Spot is…

Vision & Imagination


You, my friend, are a powerhouse. You dream big, and because you know you have the smarts and determination to make those dreams happen, you’re not afraid to go after what you want, taking some (well-considered) risks along the way – after all, that’s where the adventure happens!

That trailblazing mentality and willingness to go all in on your dreams is your superpower, and it’s what attracts others to you – well, that and your live-it-large personality! Because, let’s face it, you’re a lot of fun to be around. You work hard, yeah, but you play hard too, and you love having other people around you to come along for the ride.


How you shine:





And if you're thinking, "Hold up, this doesn't sound like me..." I got you! Check out the other results here.


But… while your off-the-charts energy and vision for making what’s possible come to life have served you really well – and probably also turned into some pretty great success along the way – the truth is that behind the scenes it ain’t always as pretty as it seems from the outside looking in.

With so many ideas coming at you all the time, it can be hard to know which one to tackle next (or not get distracted when a newer, shinier idea when it comes along). That vision of what could be can lead to perfectionist tendencies if you’re not careful… and fear of failure is kind of a thing sometimes, too, right?

Yeah, I feel you, friend. Been there, done that… but didn’t send the postcard because I was too busy moving on to the next thing. (Sound familiar?) You’re in the right place, and I’m so glad you’re here! That mess – even if it’s safely tucked away behind the scenes – is where the magic happens. So let’s dive in, shall we?


“Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.”

- Jonathan swift


Your Sweet Spot Success Code

Your action plan for growing your business your way:

A communications strategy that plays to your strengths.

Here’s how to make it happen…



Choose a plan, and stick with it


With your imaginative mind, ability to dream big and spot potential a mile a way, and your determination to make things happen NOW, you’ve got a lot on the go… sometimes too much. And while sometimes balancing alllll the things gives you this weird, edgy sort of rush, the reality is that you’ve also seen it all come crashing down, and it is not awesome when that happens.

Instead, choose to direct your considerable energy towards setting and executing on one clear plan at a time – and NOT adding things to it or spreading yourself too thin. Get clear on what you’re saying “yes” to and maybe even more importantly, what you’re saying “no” to, and stick with it!

You may also want to consider working on your goals in short, focused sprints. This will allow you to really hone in on getting results on one specific and strategically-chosen thing, but also give you the bandwidth to regularly revisit and incorporate all of the ideas you want to add to the agenda. Just, you know, one at a time. 😉



Let your personality shine!


With a magnetic personality like yours, let it shine! Your outlook on life and your willingness to take risks and pursue crazy dreams are inspiring and motivating… so bring your audience along for the ride. You’ll love the company, and they’ll love the sense of personal connection and energy that you share so naturally.

As you go, though, avoid the temptation to be strong all the time. Let your readers in and show them some of the more personal (i.e. messy, vulnerable), behind-the-scenes moments too. After all, what’s better than a rockstar? A relatable rockstar - aka YOU.



Ask your audience questions, and pay attention to their feedback


Eyes on the prize, right? Absolutely! But it can be easy for all of that focused determination (good!) to put on blinders and turn into bulldozer mode (not so good).

The solution? Getting really intentional about fostering that connection with your audience and figuring out what’s working for them. Keeping your eyes on your people and engaging them in a regular conversation will prevent those blinders from going on… and will give you really valuable feedback on how to engage and serve them.

What does that look like? Ask lots of questions, and encourage conversation! Social media is a great place for this, as are newsletters and your email list. Pay attention to what your audience says is helpful or what they love about working with you, and then double down on delivering – and highlighting! – more of that goodness.


But where are my manners?!

Allow me to introduce myself.


Hey there! I’m Kristen.

I’m a brand and communication strategist for creatives, which is a fancy way of saying that I help creative entrepreneurs to stand out, be themselves, and turn their creative genius into a meaningful brand and business.

I use my skills and experience from over a decade communicating for political and business leaders to help creative entrepreneurs cut through the clutter and tell their story, their way.


Whether it’s coaching you on your content planning, figuring out how to attract and communicate with your ideal client, setting priorities and building a communications plan that works for you, or problem-solving your way around a specific road block that’s holding you back…

I’m here to help you find a clear, simple approach to growing your own unique brand and business.


Hungry for more?

 Self-serve communications strategy with a side of pep talks, coming right up. Pour yourself a drink, sharpen your pencils, and let’s dive in together!


Reset Your Focus Guidebook

5 steps to focusing on your best work. Includes journalling prompts, worksheets, and more!


Content Creation 101 Ebook

How to weave words and build messages that connect with your tribe and grow your creative business. Includes 23 pages of workbooks & cheat sheets.


And for dessert…

Let’s keep this party going, shall we? I’m so excited to keep chatting with you about how leveraging your communication sweet spot can really make your creative business shine.

Keep an eye on your inbox for some more tips, tricks and next steps that will help you tell your story and make what matters happen.

Talk soon, friend!

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