Hey there! I’m Kristen, and I’m so glad you’re here! 

I’m a brand and communications strategist. I’m here to help you get at the heart of your brand’s unique story and develop a plan for sharing that story with the world. 


There’s a little more about my story further down the page, but if you’re new here (welcome!), here are a few things to check out as you find your way around... 


Brand Visioning

Make sure your brand is built on a solid foundation. With my brand visioning package, we’ll focus on understanding the key components of your brand in relation to your goals, your customers, the marketplace, and more.

Communications Strategy

There’s a lot of noise out there — let’s make sure you’re heard! Communicating with your audience doesn’t have to be complex or scary. It just requires a little bit of vision-setting and then a plan to make that vision happen in a way that works for you and your audience.

Content Review

Ever wish you could just have a pro take a look at your content and polish it up? My Polish and Shine content review packages do just that!

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(Re)branding and website redesign projects are a common brand and communications project for creative entrepreneurs — but it’s not just about beautiful logos and pretty moodboards. My free course, Plan your Redesign, is designed to help you make sure that your redesign project gets started on a solid, strategic footing.

My story


Growing up, I always loved stories. From the “olden days” of Little House in the Big Woods to the magical wonderland of Narnia, I loved nothing more than diving into richly painted worlds limited only by my imagination. 

I carried that love through high school and into university, where I studied history - because, you know, stories. 

But then when I graduated, I had no idea what to do next. With student loans to pay back and a thirst to try something different, I left my hometown on British Columbia’s West Coast for an internship in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. That internship turned into a job, and that job turned into another, and I ended up spending five years as a political aide at the national legislature.

If politics teaches you one thing, it’s the importance of communicating well. During that time, I learned one of the most important lessons any communicator can learn: the power of asking the right questions, and listening for the answers.

I also learned that stories — consistent narratives that help us to put people and ideas in a particular context — aren’t limited to fiction or history books. We’re wired for stories, and we rely on them to make sense of the world and understand our place in it.

And so I discovered a whole new application for story telling: brand and communications strategy. 

I’ve now spent ten years in various communications-related roles. Today I work full time as the Director of Communications for a national trade association, where I’m responsible for managing my organization’s overall messaging and strategic communications initiatives.

In my spare hours, I work here at Cursor & Ink. But this is more than just a side hustle. This is my passion project, where I have the honour of helping amazing, creative, entrepreneurial women who are building businesses that support their talents, dreams and lifestyles.

That’s why the stories I tell today are my favourite of all… because they’re real. 

I’d love to help you tell yours, too!